Why this bond?

I am really pained to see independent India still stinking of slavery. The bond, the bonded, the indentured labourers, the cyber-coolies and all that we have heard and accepted for the sake of a JOB. The end result at the end of the month is salary.

I am unable to understand, why we are allowing companies to use this shackles of slavery. Is there no PIL in the court of law questioning this? Most of the fresher students are forced to sign the bond for 2 years or more for as disproportionate amount as 2 lacs, 3 lacs, while they are paid 2 or 3 lacs a year.

Has anyone thought, for any such reasons, if one has to break the bond within 1 year, will with inflated economy a new employee will have 2 or 3 lacs to payback? Will any bank give you loan to repay this burden?
Does your employer pay you 2 or 3 lacs when you served the bond period?
How come in Independent and free India, we have allowed companies to serve us with this INJUSTICE?

Why colleges do not question this when they allow for campus interviews? Why parents do not raise a voice against this draconian practice?

As if education loan repayment was less @12% interest, that you run the risk of paying a bond back if is you want to walk-out one day from the company, for reasons as valid.

Though we all know these bonds are illegal and do not stand any jurisprudence, we have allowed it to flourish like, slavery, dowry, sati-pratha, female infanticide, bride burning.

I see this bond as CHILD-ABUSE!

Help me stop this. Campaign for it and ban all such companies from campus hiring!
You are precious, company needs you as much as you need the job.

Save your soul, save your pride!