Sodexo-Employee Humiliation Tool

Jan 1, 2012 and Sodexo or meal vouchers are not accepted by major retailers. They announced well in advance though message printed on their point of sales counters. Food Bazaar even used speaker systems and kept announcing through Dec 2011 in their stores. BIG CHANGE and BIG savior.
I almost always had a bad experience using such vouchers..

Reason-1. Did not know whether it works in this store or not. Had to ask the cashier. If they did not accept, the cashier would not even look at me and say, NO, and expects me to go we have seen beggars being treated, when they come with their begging bowl..
Reason-2 As soon as I pulled out my bundle of meal vouchers to pay, the biller would give me a tired look as he will have to count the tickets, which may be combination of Rs. 10, 20, 35 or 50. It kills his time, asks him to check for expiry dates, enter in his system ticket numbers, and face agitated people in the queue behind me, who will keep asking him to hurry up
Reason-3. As soon as I pull out vouchers to pay, my fellow payers at counter would give me a humiliating look as if I am at a below poverty line (BPL) , Public Distribution System (PDS) store and survive on subsidy. Some even give me a dirty look and leave the queue thinking I will take a lot of time as I am using CHILLER to pay the bills.
There may be more reasons and you can send your comments on.

I have always considered this voucher as a humiliation tool and am not sure, why HR would call it a motivating, tax saving tool.

2012 will bring many more such big/small time changes.
Pay little tax, save on humiliation. Live with pride.


  1. Agreed, a gift/suitable substitute instead of sodexo coupons could help in serving the cause better.


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