Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Global Well-being report by Gallup-India fares well and not so well

Jim Clifton | Only 8% Indians are positive about their jobs
America is good compared with India or China or Russia. These are really lousy workplaces: Clifton

US research and consultancy services firm Gallup has rated India poorly on it's global well-being index, which includes parameters such as career, social, financial, physical and community well-being. Income, education and employment have emerged as the key concerns among Indians evaluating their lives. 31% Indians classify their lives as 'suffering', 56% 'struggling' and 13% 'thriving'. Global index of suffering, struggling and thriving are 13, 63 and 24 percentages. Denmark tops the list with 74% thriving and only 2% suffering. Cambodia with only 2% thriving and 26% suffering.

In an interview with Mint on Monday, Apr 30, 2012, Jim Clifton, CEO of Gallup Inc. said, "Only 8% of Indian employed are engaged, which means that only 8% of Indian work-force are engaged, positive and thrilled about their jobs. 30% are miserable. They come to work and sit with someone who is spirited till his spirit goes away.

Clifton acquired privately owned Gallup in 1988 and merged it with his own poll company that he started at 18. Today, Gallup is known for its presidential poll surveys and the Global Well-Being Index.

Jim Clifton: There are about a 100 million good jobs in America but only 30 million who come to work are highly engaged and feel good about their jobs. It doesn’t seem like a very good number to me. About 20 million are really miserable employees. But America is good compared with India or China or Russia. These are really lousy workplaces.

Jim Clifton: My big conclusion was entrepreneurial spirit, not innovation, is the key to creating jobs. I also think there is a migration pattern right now of the most talented people and where those talented people will land is going to make a lot of difference to jobs in the future.

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