Is HR Strategic

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Blessings-white 2011 employee engagement report says, the global engagement rate is 35% and within HR, it is 19%. We have more 'C' players in HR than in any other function. Reasons are obvious, it is not a profit center function, it is a parking place for lots of failed people, soft-launch for 'out of maternity employee', out of being thrown out of front-line business role, out of being wife or mother or girl-friend of the entrepreneur. What best can we expect from HR teams made out of losers like these.

Global report says, CEO's presentation slides have just 5% talk on people. Why blame only HR. We all know 'the business of business is people', but remember for many CEOs, people are just resources, numbers that add up to gross margin. Why blame only HR?

And why we are not asking the CEOs about making HR a board-room function and catalyst. How can a CEO lose site of HR function when people strategies build the DNA of the organisation and define their success and sustainability.
While on its own, HR must start using Business Intelligence tools and churn out great reports/insights on effectiveness of people processes and strategies and talent optimization dynamics, that affects business up to 250%.
As McKinsey report says, when they say, "In sales, top talent (A player) brings 250% more results, in services roles, 100% more and in assembly line, 20% more than an average performer (B player)". Add value by insights. Be a, productivity/effectiveness Consultant and Coach to your organisation. CEOs will seek your appointment.

Before you ask for an 'A' player HR, ask yourself, are you the inspirational, Level 5 leader of Jim Collins research? And, if you are an 'A' player organization, have 'zero-tolerance' for 'C' players, wherever they are, in HR or your board-room.