Beware of imitation: We have no branches!

How many fakers have you seen in Human Resources department. Half of the profiles in HR on linkedin claims on top something you will bow your head to. Education: XLRI. Looking at this, you will feel, wow! deserving, sharp, top breed, etc, etc. But as you scroll down, comes the whimper, this XLRI education is actually a certificate course, a correspondence or postal course, you can buy. Huh! Is this not faking. If one has to claim for education, mention School's name, college's name for your school, college or University degree. Do not fake with XLRI postal certificate course. Can you ever call that postal certificate course, Education? If you do. I certainly will have doubt about your education! Not only Assistant Managers but even VPs of HR in MNCs have been faking this way. Result is, they have not hired anyone from real XLRI's PMIR 2 years on-campus, full-time degree in their company. They do not want anyone with better, illustrious degree and knowledge in their private enterprise that they have made of these MNCs. Unfortunate and highly deplorable. We all know 'B' players hire 'C' players or at best a 'B' player.

Interesting fact that you will find in these VP's of Human Resources is their areas of interest. Look at the line below--"My areas of interest are change management, turnaround, HR innovation, HR systems, employee engagement and communication and talent management."

Have a laugh! If these fakers cannot write their education appropriately, can they ever know what is change management, turnaround, HR innovation and employee engagement?
Simply a joke!

Interestingly, this VP has 2 recommendations on Linkedin, out of which one is by a placement agency's executive. In none of them, there is any mention of the hi-fi interests of this VP, as he has claimed.

More interesting and testifying fact is that despite mention of change management, turnaround, HR innovation in his LinkedIn profile, he has no links for his blog, personal website, any publications, books,where you can read about his glorious interests and thought processes.
even more interesting fact is that he never wrote a LinkedIn recommendation for others. Is this just a coincidence or  he was too busy with change management, turnaround, HR innovation?
Not sure! I leave this to your imagination!

One more HR VP with an MNC I know of has mentioned his education in LinkedIn as Don Bosco. I appreciate, he gave importance to his secondary school education over his MSW degree. This is humble and very honest act.In his LinkedIn profile, you will not find he recommending anyone and no one recommended him. He has also been very true to his talent building by never hiring a premier B school MBA in his team. Built his team with MSWs and non- MBAs. Who loses out in bargain? Company! MNCs, beware of you talent builders, HR innovators, Change managers, Employee engagers, turnaround experts. When they are not sure about their degrees, what do you expect out of them!