Satraps gain, organisation loses!

The power of mediocrity is much more than the power of eccentricity, paranoia and maniacal focus!
One stat says, 70% of US CEOs are alpha male and that defines that the country has immense belief in experiment and belief in being better than one can imagine. That means the trust of experiment is given in the hands of people who drive the change! Change that affects everyone around them and that is the catch. When change means doing things differently than we did yesterday, it is shock treatment and people are not ready for changing stakes that makes their position vulnerable. Larger mass is in favor of maintaining the status quo. Change is a fearful thought, nightmare! Keep the mediocrity approach alive, keep change makers and catalysts at bay, frustrate them and then your world is impregnable as birds of change migrate to a patch ready and welcoming change for a better tomorrow. What if the top boss is insecure and protects mediocrity? You develop relationships of personal comfort, no-shake, no-intervention, compartments within compartments! Life is good! People tend to focus on their personal territory and personal fiefdom and that means a pseudo one-org thinking! Organisation is private and fragmented, people run their own enterprise to protect their identity and maintain their exclusivity by holding and hiding the skills and knowledge that organisation spent huge money building for them, thinking it will be organisations's IP. Unfortunately these fiefs become closed counters and do not allow others to learn and challenge them. We need to think beyond billing a client and keeping the cash-flow healthy through a few people who actually become satraps and inhibit knowledge flow to organisation. Satraps benefit, organisation loses! Building SMEs is a great concept but building an SME who is a knowledge and power hoarder is a threat. Watch for flow of knowledge and speed and integrity into the process of making a skill transfer! Not any manager or any director will make a healthy workplace that cares about building organisational skills. All great opportunities remain with few people and they keep getting attention and huge salary jumps and promotions. Others, who are 10 times smarter, have great integral and communal values, work under these hoarders who frustrate them and keep them below the glass ceiling all the time. Organisation loses satraps gain!

Things can change only when the top leadership is not insecure and battles for new tomorrow!