People Matters-DDI Emerging HR leaders award 2015

Congratulations winners of the People Matters-DDI Emerging HR leaders award 2015. 
Winning always is very sweet and encouraging! You must enjoy it! I am more glad for you because you are very few chosen ones for creating, shaping the future of HR leadership! Welcome to the world of change! 
With the falling number of winners (who could qualify) for this award. (See picture. ), I greet this result with great dismay that, are we actually/really down the hill in terms of producing HR leaders year on year? In 2012, the number was 25, 2013, it was 21, 2014-18 and now 2015 (announced on 22 Jan 2016) isjust 16. 
What do you think could be the reasons?
A few assumptions I make, are as below-
1. Quality of assessment has gone up over the years.
2. Quality of applicants have gone down over the years.
3. It is by design and set to be like this, by PeopleMatters/DDI
4. Corrections made by PeopleMatters/DDI after assessing how their winners of past 3 years; did they really emerge as leaders as expected?
What do you think?
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