Monday, June 20, 2016

Glassdoor analytics is very clean and free-Just use it dear HR!

Glassdoor company profile is “unclaimed” and over past 6 years, there are some 47 reviews!
This is for one of the companies I worked for...

Interesting to see when CEO approval is 80% (appreciably high and matter of pride in top guy), the views on Senior Management is lowest of all factors of consideration. Do employees see CEO as a separate entity (not connected to senior management)? If yes, what does that mean? Does that mean senior management is designed to act as bad cop and CEO plays good cop? Considering this is design and true, what impact does it make on quality of delivery, inventiveness, collaboration, value creation and serious client engagement and feedback? Is there a direct relationship between a seemingly poor rating of 2.6 for senior management and performance on above listed aspects? If there is direct and proportionate relationship, it is matter of worry and correction.
But when you look at the trend-line below, it was on up-drive to 3.8 around Oct of 2015. Immediately after Oct ’15 it has seen sharp decline to 3.2 in last 6 months ending Apr ’16. Does this mean, there were decline in morale and increased level of alienation from the senior management/managers?
Text feedbacks make it all clear. Coterie, favoritism, small town mind-set that reflects in decisions across hiring, promoting, rewarding, resource allocation and providing “on-site “opportunities!
CEO’s approval of 80% defines faith in him, however, the disconnect that it sees with rating on senior management may worry him as it means the following: 1. His senior management may not live same values as he does. 2. His control or influence on senior management is weak and 3. He agrees to the style of his senior management and feels that is what helps business.
Appreciable fact is that CEO approval was at ~90% just a year back and has seen some decline of 10% over that period.

 60% recommending a friend is a decent percentage. Decline that set in this trend is from Oct ’15 and continues till April ’16. The higher trend was after the freshers have joined in May-June and is in training and laterals would be required for additional resource requirement. The decline from Jan till April ’16 may be due to trained fresher coming out of the training classes.

Business outlook seeing some significant decline to ~50% makes the workplace as any other common workplace and people not finding much juice into what is coming as work in times to come. Though this maybe temporary phenomena and every business goes through this lean patch. At the same time Infosys, TCS and Wipro making some key leadership changes is a sign of some head wind to curb the tail-wind effect.

Decline is rating for culture and values between Oct ’15 and Apr ’16 can be attributed to poor culture experience when given to work with managers who have learnt only to work with fresher and may not be able to make right adjustment to managing experienced resources who come from a different culture plane.  

C&B the key positive and competitive component is losing shine quite rapidly over a year or more.
In general agreement, any company that has rating of less than 3.2 would not be able to participate in the GPTW!

Time to introspect, make changes, strategize-design-execute. 

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