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Corrupt companies and their partner in crime HR people, especially the CHRO

 Like many other US/Canadian companies , Bangalore is a back office Mecca for some not so good companies too.

This one called Just Energy has been fraught with controversies and fraud charges against them, courts kept punishing them for sales fraud, sham founder credentials, ex-Enron executives adorned CEO roles in this company, whose Founder Chairman has been charged for creating fake credentials..

Feb/March 2021 , Just Energy (@just Energy) filed for legal protection and Bankruptcy in the wake of the unprecedented Texas power failure in Feb 2021and subsequent insurmountable losses.

2/3 of the Wikipedia page is full of bad practices, fraud and other serious controversies and conviction by court trials.. Check here-Just Energy - Wikipedia

What I am talking about is not how they are or have been in the US/Canada, BUT, how they have been in India since they established a captive back office here in 2016/17..

Glimpses of it can be had from 2 of such feedbacks on Just Energy Reviews by 17 Employees | AmbitionBox

Local management by the India Head and GM India has made it a private enterprise, hiring favorites from his home state Kerala...and this one surviving despite them getting failure in India in UK and then US/Canadian projects...what followed is "mass firing but no one from the leadership team in India got boot, why? The people who led them to failure got rewards..this explains the culture of the organizationNeedless to say, they have been a Rogue organization, despicably a horrible company, both for customers and employees...

All insourced projects have failed and got back to vendor...They had WNS managing their back office project for energy retailing and other energy analyst and trading data before Indian office called JEBPO Services LLP was set up to insource..

This insourcing/making it captive failed miserably but the GM and the 40 Chors of Alibaba (Adventures of Ali-Baba and the Forty Thieves - Wikipedia) made their fortune.

Unfortunate fact is that, they guy, ex CFO, Then CEO of Just Energy who brought this joker GM to this company in India has already excited or for shelved by Just Energy in less than 2 years.. BUT this India joker survived and what he has been doing is evident in the feedback.

Why am I talking about this now? For simple reason that, we as conscious society of awake citizens, we must stand against the demons! Just Energy India being my past employer has left me fuming when I see employees there suffering, however, the regional one's especially with Kerala connection have been benefiting..

In my battle against them, I had exposed their ugly politics and had fought my battle which led to firing of their CIO but his protegee in India ., another Kerala connection survived..thanks to the new CFO turned CEO, who was this Indian Kerala guy's boss earlier in some company..

I am proud that I fought them to their one more humiliating of millions and they never get tired of being slandered and humuliated...the spineless , doormat HR leader and legal functions are all compromised..

If interested in knowing my battle against the dirty people at Just Energy, DM me..

No alt text provided for this image

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Look at pic above. Just Energy went back from claiming their Glassdoor page to unclaimed status.. This tells you about their intent...Fakes will be fakes and HR is a partner in crime..

Ms.(1) Margaret Munnelly | LinkedIn shall gather some courage to put conscience together..

Just Energy got a new CEO in 2020 and their, now UNCLAIMED Glassdoor page Just Energy Reviews in Bangalore, India | Glassdoor has previous CEO's name and no picture..This guy was a master and India GM his stooge.. Look at his handiwork..he is still putting fake reviews when he knows that CEO's name is long back expired and guy is approving of his CEO! #Shame but No Shame for these culture cultures and the dead humans!

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More for you Ms. Munelly--Just Energy Reviews in Bangalore, India | Glassdoor

No alt text provided for this image

This one was SPONSORED by The India HR Director--

How low will you fall guys? Disgusting...

No alt text provided for this image

But they will keep planting fake the one below-

Look what this fake HR Manager says, all rubbish and he has listed all the facilities that Leela offers..They don't have any transport of Gym or International Relocation.

No alt text provided for this image
No alt text provided for this image

Look above, their HR Director India is an old friend of the India GM and this another joker has 2 LinkedIn profiles and he is active on both...

Such shameless companies are curse for BPO business in India..

Their Global CHRO (1) Margaret Munnelly | LinkedIn is one such survivor...They should get the title of Culture Vultures...They don't have time to look at what happens in their 100% cost center and subsidiary in India..

HR is anyways dead..


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