Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The unimaginable employees!

Really painful to see employees not self motivated. Feedbacks do not work... attitude does not change.
They keep ignoring what you told them not to, several times.
Does it not pinch them being so casual about their tasks?
Do they really not care about being successful, being respected, loved and appreciated?
Do they not start considering the special privileges given to them as GIVEN and very much DUE to them?
You feel so relaxed while you keep ignoring your responsibilities....I really salute your unimaginable shamelessness...
At all not proactive...
Are you waiting to be told..it's over here?

What do I do with SAD reports? Keep coaching them and not expect change in WORK or BEHAVIOR?
How long can I allow them to ignore their responsibilities?
What I should do is- fire them! , you said.
There are many people who never get opportunity to succeed as they never bought BE/MBA degree or a FAKE demeanour.
Search for the loyal folks..hire them ...spend on them...chuck the SAD ones as they harm your company..kill your time cursing them..
I am going to do this..

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  1. Good said. I will love to see more on this from you Mrinal.


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