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Sad to hear about you Dear HR

Why is HR in most places getting so casual? What is troubling them? Is there a systemic failure or it is a design/conspiracy against HR? Why HR is running HR like their fiefdom? Why they think no one is watching them for their being so whimsical, casual, careless? I see most HR guys seriously stressed despite their high levels of commitment, they perform much below expectations. One HR President wrote on LinkedIn post: HR IS DEAD, LONG LIVE HR. Reasons are many but the biggest , some suggest are the following: Culture and profile mis-fit for many who are parked or harbored in HR. No wonder Richard Rekhi , MD, KPMG India chose a non-HR background/education (read degree/certificate) person to head India HR. Many found the most arrogant and selfish folks in HR, Most incompetent often land in there as it is thought as an easy job, ‘coz, decisions are actually made by others in business. Hiring decisions to promotions to training to bonuses to transfers are all dictated by bus