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50% of IIT entrants this yr did not take coaching

50% of IIT entrants this yr did not take coaching NRN has been one of the sharpest critics of falling the levels of IITians in terms of their intellect and core competency as engineers! Coaching classes started churning a new breed of IITians who cracked the entrance test, the way they were taught to crack. Remember they were taught in a particular way to crack the exam. They learnt the trips and tricks at Kota and Vishakhapatma, two large centers of IIT coaching in India. Made for IIT, built in Kota and Vishakhapatnam!  Slowly this fast food way of preparing a tangy dish started to taste soggy! Regular Recruiters at IITs started to get the commonly found intellect and DNA of IIT missing from their candidates they interviewed at IITs. They started to complain but they did not know for long what was ailing large bunch of IITians. In my experience too of hiring from IITs (Bombay,Madras, Delhi and KGP) I realized (in many cases) candidates were sounding nothing extra ordinary