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Why hiring is caste and language ridden and we are not ashamed.

Has there been any caste proliferation in corporate hiring?  Not sure but I feel like seeing it in my face quite often now a days. I was at ICICI bank , Jeevan Bheema Nagar, Bangalore today and I observed the official language of staff talk was mostly TELUGU. The same case at Vignnana Nagar (very close to Jeevan Bheema Nagar). Sample one more, went to H&M at VR Mall , Whitefield Bangalore and nearly all staff talking for their internal communication in TAMIL. Pantaloons store at Indiranagar 100 ft road, nearly all staff communicate in KANNADA.  MUJI store at VR , Bengaluru, most , everyone talks Hindi. It is Japanese retailer in India with JV with Reliance. Amazing store for innovating and high on utility products for household and even beds and shirts too. All these store guys were hired by the Delhi team , at Delhi NCR. Just along the language lines, I observed some streaks of culture. At H&M at VR Bengaluru, staff make a fish market, they keep talking among themselves

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