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In praise of B/C HR players I admire Adobe a lot. This is my dream company. I just viewed Adobe India career page, as you see the link below. Wondered who is managing/maintaining this page. Is this a team or someone from the Recruitment team, maybe a VP level person?. No idea. I have some suggestions though and you can check those below. I just copy-pasted the webpage and inserted my comments/suggestions in gentleman fashion. Hope this helps! Careers / Benefits and compensation / India : Benefits Overview Why Adobe? How to apply University recruiting At Adobe, we provide flexible, comprehensive benefits and competitive compensation so employees can afford to take good care of themselves and their families. Read below for an overview of our benefit and compensation programs for employees working i

More laws do not mean more justice!

Our biggest challenge is building a sense of fairness and moderation. Given the immediacy of all issues, expediency takes the centre stage in all our actions and thoughts. Providing the balance between humanitarianism and resource optimisation has to be the corner stone of all leadership endeavours. Even though organisations have codified values and behaviours, we see a total lack of collective will to make members feel engaged, fulfilled and productive. Economic progress is possible without inclusiveness or vice a versa, but the ultimate dual purpose of organisation is profitability and people realising their individual and collective dreams. If an individual's ultimate goal is to become a better human being, organisations too need to become better to enable that. But this can happen only if boundaries are strong, understanding is collective and interdependence is enjoyed. Are we not talking about governance, when we say boundaries? In Responsibilities at Work and The F