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HR in the driving seat:Hail HR

      How have things changed from when you started to now? If you talk about HR or Recruiting (considerably a sub function of HR) it is an evolving function and lots of thought leadership and experiments have been done to identify/spot talent. Tools galore and interviewing and assessment techniques are getting used to make hiring very objective process. We have certainly moved from the ‘pigeonholing’ hiring time and now are the time we see war for talent in India evident in face of start up revolution we are witnessing . Word ‘talent’ has got its meaning in true sense as hiring has traveled from bean counter mind-set to focusing on building sustainable (and predictable) stellar performance, that only talent can deliver. Skills and past achievements on which previous day hiring was based is losing sheen as skills and past achievements are outcomes not the real hidden prime factor (talent) that interviewers are trying to find. Strengths based tools used for assessing tech, function

STABBED AND KILLED: Safety, Mobile phone and Company responsibilities

Unfortunate incident in the Parramatta park, Sydney at 9.30 pm on a Saturday, 7th March 2015 night, , a woman worker returning home after double shift at a 'desi' company, Mindtree, gets stabbed, dies.. IGNORING WARNINGS AND OBVIOUS SIGNS OF DANGER: WE ARE DESI! Report says, her roommate had warned her several times not to take the isolated Parramatta park route to home but she did not listen. How come a lady dares to cross isolated park at 9.30 pm on a holiday (Saturday)? Does just being on mobile phone and talking all through help one save life and attack? No, it is just a psychological "hiding the fear" tool. It does not avert the danger.  MY MOBILE: MY PERSONAL BODYGUARD? I see many girls and women on phone when they travel in public transport..This gives them a feeling that they are with someone they know, maybe virtually.  BUT that is the biggest risk that it becomes. You ignore the danger near and around you as you are so inwardly looking and t