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Inspired by Chetan Bhagat

Chetan wrote in TOI today about 'Nerds' and coined a term 'Lerds' for fellow men who study arts, liberal or literal. He beautifully wrote about the real Nerds or absolute nerds, who are devoted to learning and pursue it for it's scientific justifications. Many a times so logically correct that it leads to another set of formula, that gives birth to next set of mathematical equations for arriving at another seminal theory and then lots of nerds follow it at IIScs, IITs, MITs of the world. When as a common man I visit science exhibitions or science centres, I am amused to see lots of abstract products, projects, modules on the table in the form of 'Prototypes' that will reinvent the way, we stored grains at FCI godowns, with 50% less airconditioning cost to generating electricity with Garbage (read rich garbage, that may require some import custom duty exemption and excise subsidy). I am really thankful to the nerds, who gave us $50 tablet PC (Aakash by Dataw

Why this bond?

I am really pained to see independent India still stinking of slavery. The bond, the bonded, the indentured labourers, the cyber-coolies and all that we have heard and accepted for the sake of a JOB. The end result at the end of the month is salary. I am unable to understand, why we are allowing companies to use this shackles of slavery. Is there no PIL in the court of law questioning this? Most of the fresher students are forced to sign the bond for 2 years or more for as disproportionate amount as 2 lacs, 3 lacs, while they are paid 2 or 3 lacs a year. Has anyone thought, for any such reasons, if one has to break the bond within 1 year, will with inflated economy a new employee will have 2 or 3 lacs to payback? Will any bank give you loan to repay this burden? Does your employer pay you 2 or 3 lacs when you served the bond period? How come in Independent and free India, we have allowed companies to serve us with this INJUSTICE? Why colleges do not question this when they all

Great, Good and Gone

A few days back, Times of India, Bangalore edition reported, Britannia firing 40 employees in one-go while following thier new "Mantra"  called "GREAT,GOOD AND GONE“ Jim Colins mentioned in his book Good to Great, that, "Greatness is not a function of circumstance. Greatness, it turns out, is largely a matter of conscious choice .” What such decisions, as one taken by Britannia, entail that Level 5 leadership instinct came to play. What is level 5 ledership is not style but a phenomena . Welcome move Britannia, well done! LEVEL 5 LEADER DEFINED PROFESSIONAL WILL Creates superb results, a clear catalyst in the transition from good to great. Demonstrates an unwavering resolve to do whatever must be done to produce the best long-term results, no matter how difficult. Sets the standard of building an enduring great company; will settle for nothing less. Looks in the mirror, not out the window, to apportion responsibility for poor results, never

Manager’s self assessment Toolkit

SUPERVISOR COMPETENCY SELF-ASSESSMENT INVENTORY SUPERVISOR COMPETENCY SELF-ASSESSMENT INVENTORY Name: ______________________________________ Date: ______________________________________ Purpose: This Self-Assessment Inventory outlines the major areas of competence an effective supervisor must have. The competency areas are sub-divided into categories which correspond to the major functions supervisors perform. This Inventory can also be used as a guide to curriculum development for Supervisory Training, using the components as the basis for a needs assessment exercise. Note: The scale below does not represent a test. There is no formal scoring involved. To assess yourself using this form, put the number corresponding to your level of competence (as indicated on the scale below) in the appropriate column next to each competency listed. Scale: 4 = Very competent (capable of performing and practice this function regularly) 3 = Competent (capable of performing but don’

WHY THIS 'ZILLA veri di? SiliconIndia Strategic HR Summit, Bangalore: the heinous bias!

WHY THIS 'ZILLA veri di? SiliconIndia Strategic HR Summit, Bangalore, Dec 1, 2011 I attended SiliconIndia's Strategic HR session at Bangalore in 2011 on Dec 1. Sessions were very average and dull and boring. No excitement. No flavor of leadership or passion of an HR evangelist, so to say. There were many panel discussions and some solo presentations by tired (read re-tired) HR folks, who are at the top of HR hierarchy in their organisations. Read my observations-- Observations- Observation#1 With due respects to all communities, including mine, if I have one. Yet to figure out as I am so shocked. Unfortunate reality of modern day corporate India! They were presenting at the summit. A Malayali dominated company has a Malayali HR head A Tamil  dominated   company has a Tamil HR head A Bengali  dominated   company has a Bengali HR head A UP/North Indian  dominated    company has UP/North Indian HR head A Telugu  dominated   company has a Telugu HR head A Kannad