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You delegated the task. How likely are you to get satisfied with outcomes?

I n a typical task/role/responsibility delegation, you share your tasks but do not want to lose ownership. You just grant permission, allow certain access, convey to delegatee, how dear or important is the task to you and hope the delegatee will take up and complete the task as you wanted. Not a wrong expectation. All of us do this. What can ensure your success in a delegated environment are certain intangibles of relationship and understanding between the delegator and the delegatee, other than administrative aspects as mentioned in the above paragraph. Here we are talking about the downward delegation as I want the importance of the task not just remain administrative in sense of responsibility transfer as would normally happen in cases of cross delegation. Between the two human beings, the delegator and delegatee, the delegator has a larger responsibility at the moment of task transfer. She is in the hot seat , who has to ensure, the delegation has to work! The four (4) stages in