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Facebook to faceforward...the real world is lot more fun!

We have a facebook profile, a linked in profile, a blog, perhaps a web page and much more to hold on to in the virtual world..All this and loosing touch with the real world, so far explored by being at a mall or a movie.. How about having your yearly calendar and filling it with things like, 2 trip to the heritage site, 80 miles away, walking through the lovely mountain range across the state, having picnic there; build a small documentary on your small v-cam over the best street food in your city, participating in 2 walkathon , 2 cyclothon supporting healthy heart and sponsor a school campaign; attending 2 seminars on non-conventional career opportunities; going for a paint-ball game, an org walk through the village across borders, going for a blood donation campaign, attending crafts exhibition by NGOs; listening to 4 lecture sessions by experts from "education , media, law and science and tech"; learning salad making,  mock tails martini from city's best chefs; att

Leaders of different hues-Fall of character or Flawed culture?

'A leader is someone who just not asks, WHY?  instead, more often, he asks, WHY NOT?". Very impressive line I got to hear from Air Asia X CEO Azran Rani, an ex- McKinsey Consultant. As Chief Executive Officer of AirAsia X, the world's first truly low-cost long-haul airline. He led the start-up team that developed the business plan, raised capital, secured relevant licenses and approvals, acquired aircraft and launched AirAsia X's first inaugural flight to the Gold Coast, Australia in November 2007. Navigated company to success, through Tsunami, Aviation fuel price rocketed to $150, H1N1, Credit Crunch, Licensing issues and several other unforeseen challenges. When I listen to such impressive people from the Global corporate arena, it consoles, we have people, who  create charisma and success by holding on to very high level of accountability and character. Does success come easy to them? Not really, they face multi-dimensional and multi-layer pressure that is torment

Yes, Everyone Really Does Hate Performance Reviews

Must read article, by  SAMUEL A. CULBERT  at the Wall Street Journal, April 11, 2010