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What has your quest for top talent created; "meritocracy" or "elitism"?

Featured in LinkedIn, Dec 2016 Everybody is talking about hiring top talent! Companies like  are claiming to have written intelligent codes to reach out to top talent available on social and professional media. They also claim to know how to engage them best for all your top talent hiring needs. We heard the same about  talentpad . They finally shut down!  I think we often misunderstood top talent, as it is always a shifting value against the work/job content-context, people-colleagues and leaders, culture & engagement-information, creative freedom and independence, power of the purpose of the company, leaders and how that influences and aligns with the sense of purpose of top talent!  Talent search and finding its worth is proven only in the long run! Look back at all your top tier B/T school campus hires of past 5 years. How many of them have proven to be the best hires? How many big-fat salaried so called top talent hires have really made any noticeable dif

HR's career game and other play!

Featured in LinkedIn , Jan 2017 There has been some high profile leadership changes of late and this brought some HR leaders to talk about succession planning and career advancement, etc. But these pundits of HR feudal world did not ever create a written and announced career-path for HR people in their own HR organization, why? ‘Coz they are above suspicion due to some divine sanctions. Even Julius’s wife is not above suspicion!           Career growth within HR happens unplanned and sudden and that throws all sense and sensibilities chucked out of the window. No plan or lack of it is the basic nature of HR. What growths we have seen are the need-based reactive and some just copy-paste fancy sub-functional title gimmick! Have you ever seen an HR competency book? Have you ever seen an HR Capability Building Framework? Have you ever seen any HR whitepaper on how to create super HR humans? HR is a self-proclaimed department of Avatars!  beyond candidate sourcin