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The Feedfront Way...

Regressive or progressive , diagnostic or developmenta l, critiquing or coaching , dumping or delegating , discoursing or driving , record-keeping or rewarding , what's your style? If 7 or more out of 10 times, you chose (as you do or believe in), the second word (italicized), you are a 'LEADER'. Congratulations! Feedback or Feedfront is almost like the pair-words with same pair like corollary or connotation. What do you choose, is the big call? Feedback is a passive word. Why? Feedback is asked for; it remains prerogative or privilege of the person who asks for it. You will agree, it takes 'heroic courage' and 'emotional fortitude' to ask for a feedback or provide one. ( Very few are really interested and most of us try to avoid it unless it becomes life-saving scenario or you are reaching mid-life .) Feedfront is an active word. Why? It comes to you when you asked for it and even when you did not expect it or did not really want to hear

A proud day with the Indian Army, March 5, 2011

Subedar Rakesh with 13 years in army has got his duty done for the nation. I cannot imagine sharing a better space and breathing the same air around him, together..Salute to you Sir.. Subedar Rakesh, it was a great occasion meeting you and even more heartening was, when you asked, "Thandha (cool drink) ho jayye sir?" , I was honored. Thank you Rakesh for being so hospitable. Subedar Ram Singh , me, wearing your cap that you readily offered, was a medal for me. Thank you for honoring. The touch of pride that my head got through your cap is no less than the greatest fragrance for my life. Thnak you Sir for the honor and courtesy..Ram zindabad!

Macro Environment in India to Remain Challenging...

On India, Emil Wolter, head of regional strategy at RBS said the macro-economic environment will continue to remain challenging for sometime. Even if broadbased value were to emerge, he does not see it likely to result in immediate upsides. "We are advising clients across the region to remain undeweight on the Indian market for the time being", said the RBS strategist while presenting his report at a media briefing in Mumbai on Mar 4, 2011. Mr.Wolter is of the view that the cyclical indicators for the global economy are bottoming. He believes growth in the first half may surprise on the upside, particularly in the US. "On the other, bond yields are likely to have hit a low in 2010 and are under threat from a move higher due either to credit concerns or higher inflation/better growth. Yet the debt spiral in Europe is unresolved and we question if the global economy can grow robustly with significantly higher interest rates." "All the easy money is leading regi