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Indian Govt IT projects and challenges Indian IT Services companies face

Interestingly, there were many suggestions that IT firms can work with startups which have enabled seamless transactions for millions. A user on Twitter said: "If offered, ClearTax could have developed a much better income tax and GST portal than Infosys.” Several users backed this view. Archit Gupta, founder & CEO, Clear Tax, a financial services firm focused on taxation, said in a tweet, “We are ready to provide a version of ClearTax for the National Portal and serve. We have a scalable, ready solution for all taxes.” Why Indian IT struggles with India government projects Industry executives Moneycontrol spoke to said factors like undefined scope, inflexible milestones, delay in payment, and lack of ownership from government are some of the reasons.    CHANDRA R SRIKANTH  &  SWATHI MOORTHY   JUNE 21, 2021 While Infosys faced similar problems when it was working on the MCA21 (Ministry of Corporate Affairs) and the GSTN (Ministry of Finance) projects, Wipro has

Why resumes get hired...we hacked the hiring process

 Why resumes get hired not people? Resumes are marketing's first bait... Look at resumes written at MBA colleges, they boast of their projects, their awards and publications, recommendations, their significant achievements etc. We believe all that, why? Because they are written and no one writes such things without doing them in real, right? We as human beings believe in the rightness of the world than it going wrong.. MBA schools are your simulation grounds for the real life that awaits outside...more you practice being unreal and be comfortable with that, you have the right lenses for the world....there is nothing wrong in the world, there is no lie, there is nothing designed to go wrong...We love listening to good things, bad things, fake things, troubling things are disturbing to the belief of being good and good for future... Challengers are trouble makers....peace loving people run the world... Ignore everything that looks fake, imperfect, risky and immoral, unethical...they