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The rise of Fast Fashion and a few slipping down in commotion!

e-commerce fashion retail players finally realized that fashion will be sold mostly through brick and mortar stores. Fashion is fun and entertainment. Place matters!  Private labels of ShoppersStop and Lifestyles- Melange-Kangana Ranaut and many others like BIBA, Aurelia have made fashion buying more of a touch and feel game. It is not a hardware! Fashion is a soft core product and it requires other sense organs to make decision, not just eyes. Spread and massively quick success of ZARA in India established that fashion will eventually sell through stores. Zara took 50,000 sq ft store at Kala Ghoda in Mumbai with an annual rent of Rs.30 Cr. One 50K SFT store is actually 2.5 times sale of 50 individual 1K SFT stores. High street fashion sells on high street. It always makes sense to open a large format store and I am sure Myntra would do that same as they would have their off-line stores by year-end. I have my short experience with fashion at USPL. This is personal view. Mo

Start up kids and the VC and HR sleep peacefully!

An interesting review title for this company:  "they hold competition for glassdoor reviews, take reviews with a grain of salt"!