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Glassdoor analytics is very clean and free-Just use it dear HR!

Glassdoor company profile is “unclaimed” and over past 6 years, there are some 47 reviews! This is for one of the companies I worked for... Interesting to see when CEO approval is 80% (appreciably high and matter of pride in top guy), the views on Senior Management is lowest of all factors of consideration. Do employees see CEO as a separate entity (not connected to senior management)? If yes, what does that mean? Does that mean senior management is designed to act as bad cop and CEO plays good cop? Considering this is design and true, what impact does it make on quality of delivery, inventiveness, collaboration, value creation and serious client engagement and feedback? Is there a direct relationship between a seemingly poor rating of 2.6 for senior management and performance on above listed aspects? If there is direct and proportionate relationship, it is matter of worry and correction. But when you look at the trend-line below, it was on up-drive to 3.8 around Oct of 201