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Employer branding and social media

Employer branding begins but does not end till the time you have taken a good merry go round of the real-virtual platforms that gives you visibility as a credible employer. I have my takes on the platforms that companies use! Interfaces Platform Importance/Impact- Career page Company website "Importance -Talent marketing hinges on to career page, every other campaign in hiring revolves around it. It is the centerpiece Impact - If you are able to pull talent on career page from all other open market media, you have very high possibility of converting that candidate. Here you feed him with company vision, products, people and culture. Battle won!" LinkedIn Professional media "Importance- LinkedIn is undisputed, the most reputable media to professionally talk about company and people etc and seek talent attention! Impact- Here you can either be applying the same mind set as generally companies have for Naukri, IIMJObs or you can create your niche pre