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What motivates an employee for high performance

Training Magazine is running a five-part series of articles featuring expert opinions on many of today’s workplace hot topics. The third part of this series was called “Step Up!” focusing on ways to motivate employees to develop their career and improve skills training. Peter Block provided his expertise on a  range of topics dealing with employee motivation. Training Mag: What are the pros and cons of using money to motivate when it comes to skills training? What about recognition and competition? Peter: I have yet to see real evidence that money motivates or changes performance or learning. Period. Money is a medium of exchange to facilitate buying and selling. Employees are not commodities. They must be paid, but cannot be purchased. It is most important that a pay system is transparent and roughly equitable. Recognition is valuable to acknowledge high performance after the fact, but it does not produce that performance. Also, the best forms of recognition focus on teams. Ev