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Fixes to job search through LinkedIn!

"If you try helping others, you find code to your own success!" ----This thought crossed my mind yesterday!   I have been meeting some of my friends and acquaintances, who are seriously looking for new job or job change but they have not been able to get any headway for quite sometime now. There is a widening gap between the cup and the lip! If you are not getting job offers, I blame you!  Few cents to fellow job hunters. Pitch in, need your thoughts!  1- There is much more than meets the eye! Jobs are not available on job boards-Naukri, etc! Jobs listed on LinkedIn and IIM Jobs are listings and 8 out of 10 times, you will not make any progress after you applied! Just drop these ideas, however, sharing your resume is 5 min job and that you can keep doing. But follow below steps! 2 - Start with working on LinkedIn profile. Fill every section. Add company logos, mind your title! Use power-trade-cheeky words, wordsmith every single sentence that you use. Add