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Venturing out at the cool Bor dam!

Bor dam called 'dharan'in local language is 36 kms form Nagpur city on Wardha road. Great sprawaling lake reigns over 12 km stretch covering 5 villages. Has crystal clean water with lovely aquatic life, rocking small fishing boats lying lazy for a stealy night hunt for the golden, silver and platin fishes. Green looking stones through splashing waters on the bunds have their own music, emerging out of soft careses, that only S D Burman could have scripted in tunes of 'm anjhi khte jaao re .'., once again. Mohan , the fisherman shared with us the details of the lake, it's depth, it's reserves and the fishing tax rates, that applied per boat and also per sack of catch. The telapia, rohus, katla and smaller little known fishes all you find here. The smoked telapia costs you 200 per kg, a good rohu 120 to 200 per kg. The smoked small fishes turn golden and they invite you for a divine bite. Have a look at some of those real moments..The B

Trip to "Haji Ali", Mumbai

Defining moment in my life. It's a personal realisation time. I thank God, he blessed me with this gift of realisation early in my life. I got my answer and that is good enough for this life. Haji Ali, Mumbai, Feb 19, 2011.