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Satraps gain, organisation loses!

The power of mediocrity is much more than the power of eccentricity, paranoia and maniacal focus! One stat says, 70% of US CEOs are alpha male and that defines that the country has immense belief in experiment and belief in being better than one can imagine. That means the trust of experiment is given in the hands of people who drive the change! Change that affects everyone around them and that is the catch. When change means doing things differently than we did yesterday, it is shock treatment and people are not ready for changing stakes that makes their position vulnerable. Larger mass is in favor of maintaining the status quo. Change is a fearful thought, nightmare! Keep the mediocrity approach alive, keep change makers and catalysts at bay, frustrate them and then your world is impregnable as birds of change migrate to a patch ready and welcoming change for a better tomorrow. What if the top boss is insecure and protects mediocrity? You develop relationships of personal co

The No Asshole Rule

A CRITICAL ANALYSIS OF-“The No Asshole Rule: Building a Civilized Workplace and Surviving One That Isn't”   is a book by Stanford professor Robert I. Sutton, based on a popular essay he wrote for the Harvard Business Review. It sold over 115,000 copies and won the Quill Award for best business book in 2007 Bob Sutton's List of The Dirty Dozen Common Everyday Actions That A**holes Use 1. Personal insults 2. Invading one's personal territory 3. Uninvited personal contact 4. Threats and intimidation, both verbal and non-verbal 5. Sarcastic jokes and teasing used as insult delivery systems 6. Withering email flames 7. Status slaps intended to humiliate their victims 8. Public shaming or status degradation rituals 9. Rude interruptions 10. Two-faced attacks 11. Dirty looks 12. Treating people as if they are invisible Behavior of an Asshole by Bob Sutton. As shall be understood or as Bob Sutton understood it Risk of misunde

Hold your emotions: Use social intelligence!

I read many posts on LinkedIn and what I find is the same stuff that I see in self-help management, personal effectiveness books. Experienced folks sound like copying from ubiquitous and rusted text books. Why don't they share real experiences? The case studies of their companies? Their signature programs and stories of business transformations? Inspiring stories of creating a world class team, product, company? Let's be bold guys! Let's start realizing that either we are afraid being honest or we are so ordinary. In a moment of rage, I uttered this, almost half-asleep...And I feel so good now.. Corporate is a dangerous place for you to display your intelligence, insights, brilliance with number, problem solving, decision making, etc. While these are essential selection factors at hiring time, they become gallows for you when you start applying them at work. Why? Because your brilliance irritates your managers, seniors, peers, who out of their glorious years laden w