The Brahmanism of hiring: Corporate's helpless dilemma

Recruiting managers or HR Managers who do the hiring or sourcing as it is called in the mean world of procurement of human resources
No, not really, candidates or applicants or aspirants get the dime-a-dozen treatment when they are hired through an agency, who is a detached or not-connected sourcing agent/a contractor or a vendor , be it a company sourcing guy or an outsider.
I seriously believe, it is high time when we all started implementing the learning's that we got from the top leaders like Jack Welch and Larry Bossidy and others with similar stature, who told, "nothing that you do is more important than hiring and developing a top talent" and "you must never delegate hiring".
If there is any element of truth into what these statements here, then we must look back and ask all hiring Managers, for whose team and business the hiring goals are set to review the whole hiring process , which includes sourcing, posting, marketing, branding, screening, evaluating, invitation for meetings with protocol or professional essentials , etc. To review the whole plan and do proper adjustments accordingly. Leaving hiring like critical decision to sourcing or recruiting managers is no less risky than risking a 'wrong hire'.
Most easy excuse for letting HR/Recruiting/sourcing function do the most part of recruiting in the name of not having much time with the hiring manager is like inviting for failure.
Sourcing/Recruiting department, for whom , sourcing is a task devoid of real intangibles called 'hiring for success' is like establishing a 'caste-system' in the organisation and that too with very defining dominance or high-leaning of a Brahmanism.
Hiring managers must be given more than a dip-stick idea and overview of the whole hiring plan and cycle, the typicality much before the hiring manager decides to delegate certain parts of activity for certain time with certain specialists from sourcing/recruiting department.
My experience says that hiring, strongly managed by Hiring Manager herself, has been the fastest and solid in terms of quality, cost and time-scale than when it was summarily given to sourcing department. If hiring manager treats hires as sourcing goods, she can imagine the results and team-spirit and bonding and the culture-fit.
Hiring managers need to get direct-hand involved in hiring and use HR as a supporting hand.
I have seen some recruiters who very much talk the language of a passionate hiring manager in words and spirit, that impresses. Hiring is not a number game or else purchase department could do it better..
Save spirit of hiring in the name of building a sustainably successful organisation!
Watch-out for labels of 'caste-system' and 'brahmanical shades'.