Inspired by Chetan Bhagat

Chetan wrote in TOI today about 'Nerds' and coined a term 'Lerds' for fellow men who study arts, liberal or literal. He beautifully wrote about the real Nerds or absolute nerds, who are devoted to learning and pursue it for it's scientific justifications. Many a times so logically correct that it leads to another set of formula, that gives birth to next set of mathematical equations for arriving at another seminal theory and then lots of nerds follow it at IIScs, IITs, MITs of the world. When as a common man I visit science exhibitions or science centres, I am amused to see lots of abstract products, projects, modules on the table in the form of 'Prototypes' that will reinvent the way, we stored grains at FCI godowns, with 50% less airconditioning cost to generating electricity with Garbage (read rich garbage, that may require some import custom duty exemption and excise subsidy). I am really thankful to the nerds, who gave us $50 tablet PC (Aakash by Datawind, Canada) or $15 water filter (Unilever) that even our Bolangir and Palamu district brothers could afford through subsidised PDS. A nerd changing option from potable water of lerds to safe water,to the bottom rung of our society. We need more and more such Nerds who help us get over the hurdles, approaching a solution, less obvious and seemingly impossible. They take the challenge on their own or together with their closely-held group of nerds, who collaborate with odds and even and also manage strings of bureaucracy created by Lerds who build policies which still reminds us British Raj. Our Indian Contract Act is 1872 and IPC 1860 and we made 94 Amendments to our Constitution. Great job lerds, now we know while lerds are experts or workaround, Nerds come up with Innovation.

Mix of Nerds and Lerds are required to take an objective view out of subjective framework to arrive at solution using the application focus and keeping pontification at bay. For pontification, Lerds can save energy and inertia to deliver at TV talk shows, debates, seminars, etc.