Leaders of different hues-Fall of character or Flawed culture?

'A leader is someone who just not asks, WHY?  instead, more often, he asks, WHY NOT?". Very impressive line I got to hear from Air Asia X CEO Azran Rani, an ex- McKinsey Consultant.
As Chief Executive Officer of AirAsia X, the world's first truly low-cost long-haul airline. He led the start-up team that developed the business plan, raised capital, secured relevant licenses and approvals, acquired aircraft and launched AirAsia X's first inaugural flight to the Gold Coast, Australia in November 2007. Navigated company to success, through Tsunami, Aviation fuel price rocketed to $150, H1N1, Credit Crunch, Licensing issues and several other unforeseen challenges.
When I listen to such impressive people from the Global corporate arena, it consoles, we have people, who  create charisma and success by holding on to very high level of accountability and character. Does success come easy to them? Not really, they face multi-dimensional and multi-layer pressure that is tormenting.

On the other hand, we have super C-suite politicians, often found getting exposed by media. Witnessed on TV , one such  character of Congress leader Salman Khurshid, on his statement of Batala House encounter and Sonia crying over the pictures of encounter, Salman Khurshid showed to her. Next footage running parallel exhibits Digvijay Singh clarifying that , what Salman Khurshid says, actually did not happen, though he may have told it. Third parallel footage shows Salman Khurshid clarifying that she did not cry, actually she was emotional.

Salman got exposed so rudely on integral values , that too, when it is election time. Besides individual accountability to congress leadership, it is serious inflation of the muslim sensitive issue. He addresses a rally in Azamgarh, UP, where he speaks Urdu and it appeared as if he was addressing some rally in Multan.  Addressed PM as "Wazir-e-Azam". "Angre Chale gaye, Angreziat bachi rahi. Mughal to unse bhi pehle chale gaye, fir kuch khansaame kaise bach gaye, bhai?" The language, the words, the tone, all sound like meant for a community that, though may not prefer to remain so much in medieval time, would love to connect to current time and realities, look for Muslims to get educated, get employed and be a part of inclusive national growth. BUT not!, these leaders want to keep them there, and talk to them in medieval language, talk about Batala House encounter and expect them to vote for congress. This is politics of religion, fanaticism, creates emotional turmoil and drives the whole community against the realities and priorities of current times. Should election commission not ban them from election campaigns?

Political accountability has hit the bottom. Character exposed and that demotivates citizen, who have no option like, vote to reject. We must have the right to reject, as we have the right to elect.

I heard, youth in UP will vote for SP as SP promised the Rs.1000/- unemployment allowance per month.
While it sounds like insurance against unemployment, that money could be used to create employment opportunities and help youth set up their own businesses by providing technical and financial support.

Such allowances, I have seen being paid to youth in Bihar @Rs.400- per month , some 30 years back!
I am sure, that will not help, as the well known Chinese proverb says, you can give a fish to a hungry man and he will be OK for sometime, you tell him, how to catch a fish and he will never go hungry!

Chinese believed in proverbs with vision and they reached there right! We believe in policies of dependence and see where we are in 64 years of Independence.

Wake up!