Facebook to faceforward...the real world is lot more fun!

We have a facebook profile, a linked in profile, a blog, perhaps a web page and much more to hold on to in the virtual world..All this and loosing touch with the real world, so far explored by being at a mall or a movie..

How about having your yearly calendar and filling it with things like, 2 trip to the heritage site, 80 miles away, walking through the lovely mountain range across the state, having picnic there; build a small documentary on your small v-cam over the best street food in your city, participating in 2 walkathon, 2 cyclothon supporting healthy heart and sponsor a school campaign; attending 2 seminars on non-conventional career opportunities; going for a paint-ball game, an org walk through the village across borders, going for a blood donation campaign, attending crafts exhibition by NGOs; listening to 4 lecture sessions by experts from "education , media, law and science and tech"; learning salad making,  mock tails martini from city's best chefs; attending rewards ceremonies for the unsung heroes; 2 carrom and TT competions, 1 shooting and 1 horse riding session.

Can we have our own calendars for the year, very customized and so varied and colorful?

I strongly believe, we need such calendars for all of us, kids, moms, elderly. We all cannot afford to go through a Disneyland experince but we can have many such adventures and bits of exciting and fun packages, filled with learning and a worthy possession of knowledge and skills for life. More so, it takes out of your chair, where you FB or email. Getting out and exploring life is fun. Meet real people, real facts of life and enjoy the offer of nature and much more that society can offer. All such participations that you make for such events, makes you look at life more saucier than a 2 hour weekend BBQ or Sizzlers.

I wish I could build a strong clubs of enthusiasts from different fields and passions in life, who could organise events across, adventure, food, drama, music, movie, festivals, carnivals, hertitage, sports, culture, media, health and life support,  social causes and much more.




Events driven by clubs specislised in all these areas can create plethora of events through the year to keep people from corporate, academics, families, Graduates who need to undergo lots of GRADUATES MATURITY PROGRAMMES LIKE ONE AT HIGH PLACES AND SAAHAS CAMPS, to stay ahead,  healthy, hearty and engaged with life and self, connected to society that we built as we could not live alone. Then why live alone and lean on FB for connecting to society alone? Come out , form club, organise events, live life with people. Learn and lead a purposeful life.

Kids-Matrx driven studies, OUTBOUND LIKE HIGH PLACES AND SAAHAS, TREASURE HUNTS, LECTURES, understand strengths, traits, preferences. Apply them to strengthen your gifts.
Follow the Leading practices from MBA schools to Industry practices.

Get Oscar like events at schools. Learn and apply modern day technologies from BI to open source hadoop to dashboards, surprise with presentations. follow the study methods of leading B-schools at schools.

Clubs at schools mentored by young turks who can be role models.