Wishing a Peaceful demise to MBA shops

19 FEB 2012 , Times of India

Business dull, 65 B-schools across India to shut down

Writes: (today/Feb 2012 there are 3,900 management schools with close to 3.5 lakh seats) that supply overshot demand by a long straw. And now comes the fallout.

Comes Oct 2012- TOI, Mumbai reports--225 B-schools, 52 engineering colleges close in 2 years.

IBN live reports:

in Andhra, 40 MCA, MBA colleges get AICTE nod for closure

Desimba.in reports: 14 Andhra Pradesh MBA colleges will be closing their MBA programs this year
...Liked the word Desi MBA.

What I understand about business of the business schools in India is like this...(If we leave the premier B schools)...
With due regards...
Generic skill body shoppers for industry, factory, shops, online business, any industry. Job types offered?
data entry, cashier, attendance management, recruitment company's cold calling, insurance, credit card, SIM card, flat-plot sales, donation collection for NGOs, etc.
Salary offered?  (Assuming they get job) Anywhere between Rs.3500/- Per month to 20 K.
Unfortunate is the fact that all these colleges prey on jobless and uneducated graduates. Yes, uneducated graduates, as many feel, MBA is education, graduation is subsidy.
We have voting rights to select our government at 18 years, at 21 years, we graduate, if you did not fudge your date of birth.21 years is legal age to marry and start a family. At 21, we are goofs. We are non-employable. We go for MBA to become eligible for a job.
On a rough estimate, undergraduate call centre executives earn more than MBAs from the B and C rung MBA colleges, at least for initial 5 yaers and may be even beyond.
How many colleges have incubation centres, other than IIMs?
When you cannot build business, how would you know how to run it?
How many companies get churned out of MBA colleges in India?
Though MBA has got several meanings..one I liked most is Mediocre and Below Average.
What most colleges even at top levels, do not teach is "enterprise". How do you build one?
None of the Deans, Professors have got the role to mentor entrepreneurs on campus and churn "x" number of business from campus.
Easy business that these colleges seek are-
Executive MBA, weekend MBA, at home MBA, on-line MBA, on line diploma, correspondence/distance learning programmes. Cash cows for many.Easy money! Education or certifications (shallow and dummy ones)
When their purpose is not enterprise, how will they build it?


  1. An excellent article thought provoking.
    Those who can't...teach
    fumbling idiots
    These college professors, have nothing to offer the students, their intelligence acumen is limited, knowledge recycled
    converse would be that only those who understand success must teach


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