"BAD HIRING BLEEDS DESI COMPANIES RS.2460 CR IN 2012", TOI, Bangalore, Feb 11, 2013

Times of India Bangalore today, has an outrageous article on front page. "BAD HIRING BLEEDS DESI COMPANIES RS.2460 CR IN 2012" . And Hema Ravichander is right when she hits the right reason and mechanism that could help check his non-nonsensical hiring by agents of labor arbitrage. Yes, I call these modern day Talent Acquisition guys (Recruiters) agents of labor arbitrage. They have no idea what the company is, what is its culture and what are its business opportunities, challenges, constraints and leadership priorities and focus. They are just "poultry farmers" not recruiters. As Poultry farmers have only one yardstick to follow, a kilo of chicken would cost Rs.100, irrespective of who it is or how different or similar it is from other chicken. People are not chicken. Do not use butchers for surgery. Hiring is the most important task of any CEO, and should never be delegated, as Larry Bossidy said. 90% of these poultry farmers would not even know who Larry Bossidy is or how Jack Welch built GE by hiring "A" players. Mind you, hiring "A" player is an attitude and not a "job fair" affair. We shall ask all these board members of these desi companies who lost Rs.2460 cr in 2012 on what shall be their "exit plan against this "holy loss"?