Ban These Interview Questions

Funny interviews

1.       Ban these questions-

a.       Why are you looking for change?

b.      Why have you changed x jobs in y years?

c.       Who do you report to?

d.      Are you open for relocation?

e.      Are you open to travel?

f.        How long do you see you will work with us?

g.       Why you left your fist company in less than 6 months?

h.      How do you think you are a good fit for the job?

2.       Ban gatekeepers from doing screening/first level interviews-

a.       Recruiters doing specialised skills screening interviews

b.      Recruiters or respectfully called Talent Acquisition folks do not even do check-list interview well.

c.       They take pride in rejecting a good candidate by using defining words like, “too ambitious”, too aggressive”, too much of attitude”, “not flexible”. Do they know that all these rejection words could be a great fit in many cases and the Hiring Manager gets the filtered/refined average “tooth-less”, sometime, “spine-less” guy who will faint in real situations against expectations. How can you select a “hero” when you have a shepherd selecting a horse for the derby? You are thinking of building a “A” player team with “B” and “C” player gatekeepers. Use them for graciously opening and taking the door. They can be trained to keep the doors!