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Feedback, Speedback, Feedforward and Goodback!

Karen May, vice president for people development at Google, has invented a method she calls “speedback.” It works like this: partway through a training session she will tell everyone to pair off and sit knee to knee, and give them three minutes to answer one simple question: “What advice would you give me based on the experience you’ve had with me here?” Participants say that it’s some of the best feedback they’ve ever gotten.

Compressing space works well too. Since I wrote about the effectiveness of Brazli’s futbol de salao (football in the room) for teaching soccer skills, I’ve come across numerous examples of coaches shrinking space to increase reps and improve feedback, from hockey to swimming to baseball to factory assembly lines.

WSJ article,  " Yes, Everyone Really Does Hate Performance Reviews "by Samuel A Culbert says that "No one wants to give true feedback, no one wants to listen to the true feedback and normally the whole environment built around the feedback session is depressive!".
Not just me but many of you would agree with what Samuel says.
Feedback shall be need-based and at the time of need and not as per calendar or unsolicited.

Feedback to me is a passive but excellent mechanism to hear back on how I am performing, behaving, appearing, getting accepted, acknowledged or abhorred and hated? What shall I do to get better and improve on where I am loosing sheen and notice!

Other than feedback, which shall be a mixed-bag session, ending with positivity, hope, inspiration and better relationship between giver and receiver of the feedback.

Largely, other than feedback sessions, there shall be positive inducement sessions, I call Goodbacks! Appreciate every time you see good performance, good effort, good citizen behaviour, good follow of corporate core values and ethics!

Keep spotting "Goodback moments". Goodbacks are great energisers. Use them to charge up!


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