Myths that I am yet to get clear with..

Myths that I am yet to get clear with..

1. Good B school matters-I do not know why?
2. With experience, B school hardly matters. What matters is experience.
3. There are companies who promote and select as well people with regional affiliations.
4. Longer you stay in a company, powerful you become, because you know how to manipulate things and you learn culture, character and even helplessness or join the bandwagon of survivors.
5. Politics is more important than hard work. You may have read the "ant story". (
6. Managers do not take risk of hiring team member smarter than them.
7. You need to fake your experience and resume a bit to get ahead. Actually it is resume that gets hired and not people, most of the time.
8. Most of the interviews look for a docile and meek candidate. Do not ask questions. Sound mediocre, accept interviewer's view point.
9. Praise your boss and get that promotion. Spend more time in praise and less at work.
10. Do  not sound like a guy with independent thought. Hiring is mostly to be a part of the herd.
11. Manager's or management's intention is more important than any written policies and holy book of core values, mission and vision of the company. If you value core values and are driven by policies and ethics, you need to have your own organisation with your own core values.
12. Most interviews are check-list interviews. Answer as you respond to check-list. Short and crisp.
13. To get that promotion, 'visibility' is more important than utility.
14. Dress well and get less low end jobs. You are considered smart (intelligent) if you dress well.
15. Grow well and never stand against mediocre  They are always in majority. You may win a battle but will lose the job. Remember, mediocre are qualified suckers. Suck up is a tested qualification for being considered 'great guy'.

I am looking forward to comments..


  1. I am with you on this, you said it all that's how the industry works in real all, the policy fair practice are only to preach and not to follow. If we follow all the laid down rules how will the meek people manipulate the system for their advantage. The system is their to scare the people who ask questions and praise the followers with no questions only listening skills are required, if you have it you will have the job promotions for life you need not worry a thing you get your monthly pension till you keep your mouth shut.



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