Anachronism of corporate chaos!

An analytics consulting company does not give analytical thought to it's own policies and programs. A dashboard company does not have a dashboard to capture its projects, invoices, CRM and employee data.
Sounds familiar, right? This is what makes you think, where is the focus and what are the priorities. Focus is business, more sales, more revenue, better gross margin.
We all have seen companies having great forward management skills but the back-end has always been left for the full-moon, which though comes twice a month, no one chases that for implementation and application of the integrating factors in the back-bay to make better and smoother linkage to business. Finance, HR, IT and Admin work hard to make business run. But to make it run efficiently, not many great efforts are made. Why?
Because, like you need a client, you need to be the right client to ask for process improvement and people and technology integration into your company to make it more process-efficient.

We hear employees not submitting time sheets in time and correctly, that results in late and incorrect invoicing . Management struggles to get the time-sheets filled and several reminders are sent to employees. Does that work? No.
Then why some automation is not done in these so called smart companies with stellar talent pool and highly paid managers and support staff.
The reason for not making things easier for everyone is insecurity. Support staff, specially in finance, who are responsible for invoicing do not want to lose the chaos as this keeps them in business. Once process is automated and linked, they will be doing nothing much and this is just an example.

People survive on chaos! Chaos, they created and maintained...

From 25 year old consulting company to engineering company and even start-ups...there are people galore, who are keepers and maintainers of chaos! Their very own pet chaos!

Ambiguity and chaos are not natural problems for settled companies. They are disease!


  1. We all live in Chaos, we like it our bosses like it even more because that saves their job, they want their subordinates in mess so that they have an upper hand always, yes definitely we can automate the process, it is not only the finance,but the Business, Technical guys who submit the time sheets late their managers are casual about it specially for their pets and people of the fairer gender, and off course the BD/ Marketing guys do not need any automation.


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