Campus hiring- Like attracts like.

Hiring has changed a lot at campuses. It all started with Large Engineering companies who visited engineering campuses for selections. It was branch-based companies and selection process. Core and non-core companies. Core helped non-IT branches appear for the process and selected the best, mostly on acads and their performance in the interview rounds. All these processes where very very panel based and tested people without any bias. The only bias that we heard those days was, if there was any influential politician or official who wanted his ward to get some push. Max.
Things changed when IT hiring started for vanilla skills of logical reasoning, verbal ability and quant.
All branches invited. Infy, TCS, Wipro, Cognizant and other mass recruiters invited anyone with 60% and sometimes even 50% marks to appear for mass appti test. People offered in huge numbers. at each college had selection list of 300, 400 , 750 offers by these biggies. Hiring was called Spray and pray! Mass recruiters. Things started changing when recession hit. Offers rescinded, delayed, withdrawn, joining dates delayed, never confirmed and then the factory of engineers, the colleges woke up and started having focus back on Core industries and asked many mass recruiting IT services companies to come later on the slot and some even banned from being on recruiter list.

I have been approached by T&Ps of NITs and others to take the offered guys, who did not get a joining date from a few of the biggies mentioned above. Guys were offered 2.75 L CTC. They had cleared the appti and rounds of interviews. I was surprised that all 4 failed in my company's appti test miserably. I can guarantee, any class X guy with good maths and English knowledge could have cleared those tests. Sufficient time was given for the test. No complex calculations, no complicated theories. I really wonder how these Big Companies offered them. Blame it on spray and pray and sales guys like behavior of the HR recruiters who did this TA job.
If people like NRN, NASSCOM Chairmen and others who were worried about the quality of talent at engineering colleges and several reports which said that only 10 to 15% are employable of all engineers passing in India, what did they practically do, when their folks hired the bottom rung folks just to meet numbers. Company comes last. Recruiters first, Students Second and Company Last! 

It is not really that, you pay peanuts and get monkeys. It is like, you are a joker and you will end up hiring a joker. B players hire C players, all of us know.