Shameless HR at Wipro!

Why I hate Wipro?
Actually, I am against all hate campaigns but being a responsible corporate citizen, I believe it is my responsibility to protest against the unfair and non-professional and non-integral behavior of corporate citizen!

I had a Wipro Technologies Interview in 2011 at their SJP 1 office. This was my second round personal round with a Wipro HR Manager. I had met Mr.Ravishankar, the Head of Recruitment at St.Marks Road office a few days ago. My interview had actually started over phone with some Mr. Saurabh from Wipro's Delhi office, and meeting with Ravishankar and then with an HR Manager at SJP-1. This was all communicated to me over phone and e mail as well. The interview was for Engagement Manager for Business Unit. It is an HR role that engages Business. The telephonic interview was great, corporate like, courteous and decent. Meeting with Ravishankar was great. I liked all so far.

My meeting with the HR Manager or whatever title he held, was a disaster. It was a 35 mins discussion and he took 8 calls in between the interview and never apologized to me. He talked to all of them and never even told that he was in an interview. He had 4 calls on his cell phone and 4 on the land line. I knew what he talked about and  how his teenage daughter is performing and what land he saw with his brother in law to buy etc. Shameless HR guy at Wipro! This interviewer talked about world history and civil services. Lastly he asked, whether I like recruitment role or the Employee Engagement role.

My next encounter with Wipro Technologies was again in SJP-1 on Apr 12, 2013. This time I met Priyanka S, GM-HR. She had 10 mins of interview. At the outset, she seemed not ready for interviewing, as she had not even bothered to print my resume and asked me for a copy, which I gave. She did not bother to introduce herself and define the role she was interviewing me for. Remember  JD was not shared with me. When I had to meet her, an office boy took me to her office. Is Wipro using part-time recruiters or has that function been outsourced to someone working from a tier- 2 or 3 city? She was in a hurry and told she has got an urgent call to attend urgent HR meeting at Wipro's Electronic City office and her team is ready to move. She mentioned, she will continue the talk over phone early next week. This is Friday and no call to me. Next week is over, almost. Priyanka mentioned that she has done 30% and rest parts she will do in phone interview with me. Wipro shall send all their HR seniors for Assertive Communication training, so that they do not behave so foolish and fake. If Priyanka did not like me in 10 mins of discussion, rather 7 mins to be precise, she could have told that she will come back to me if I am taken for next rounds. Their recruiter, here Ms.Apoorva should have written to me the updates. What is going on? How can Wipro Managers take candidates for a ride? Is there no corporate body to look at their Governance?

Rightly said, world's largest body shopping company, Wipro, has exhibited that people are just resources to be outsourced. How much you talk about governance, values, vision and corporate Citizenship, it all reflects in how you behave. Unfortunate and shameful for Wipro.
How more shameless can the Wipro HR Managers be? Where are they hired from? Who is hiring them?
The Recruiter, Ms. Apoorva, who was mailing me interview details and called me for interview now did not even respond to my call or SMS or email?

I guess the old lot that is surviving in Wipro HR are those who have learnt to survive and also learnt, "helplessness". Pity them and wish they get out of their vicious acts!
Is there anyone ethical and professional left in Wipro, who can answer me?