Sleep to be there!

I had written on my blog on Dec 1, 2011 experience at the Silicon India Strategic HR summit at Bangalore.

I called that article, Why this Zillaveri Di! The surprise that I had was because I found the Head HR for a tamil dominated company was a Tamil. When I say dominated, it means, CEO/ MD and other important positions in the company share same home state . Same was the trend for Malyali, Telugus and even Kannadigas. Within Kannadigas  is a group called Mangloreans, within that is a group called Manglorean Christians. Some companies are full of Christians whether Tamil, Manglorean or Mallus. Same is true for several departments and this is more shamelessly obvious in the HR department.
I hired a Mallu/Keralite Recruitment Manager for a company, I worked for and found that most of the candidates, he would shortlist/promote for hiring would be Mallus and at times precisely Mallu Christian. How shameless and ethics less has the world become?
I found Mishraji HR/Admin manager doing the same when we wanted to hire even an office boy. They would like only Mishrajis.

It is so ubiquitous talk that certain companies are called Mallu companies, certain Tamil and certain other Telugu. This is the hell that happens when liberalization and decontrol happens.

Bangalore HR if full of "working housewives", Receptionists in HR and almost every non-qualified average, dumb, sucker, survivor mind-set bunch is there in HR.
Unfortunate is the fact that these non-descript A H***s have become head of HR and Recruitment Heads and now they are building the "HIJROON, EUNUCH FAMILY".
HR Heads are interviewing candidates in their secret apartment flats and hiring over sleaze. These s**t* do nothing but sleep and party. And they survive 4 years in  a company, getting 20% annual raise, sleeping with one and others. They travel abroad for seminars over other Premier B school, qualified folks, as they ...
All such stories are galore and talked over but the S**t culture continues in these MNCs. Their US bosses come to India and are taken care of the same way. Mind you, many of these women who sleep with one and many in company are married women. Are their husbands, fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters and neighbors aware that these so called professional women are worse than the prostitutes who sell themselves but do not cheat anyone.