What are we missing in Employee Orientation Program

We all have heard of DNA of the organisation. But we have hardly seen it. It remains an unsolved puzzle to all who hear about it! What is this DNA that we must tell about to all employees in the organisation?

DNA is set of chromosomes that are built by the grind that organisation goes through,  from seminal thoughts to topsy turvey journeys that make them so unique in their experience and built-up.
All validated, tested and embedded thoughts and actions. This brings a new baby in all who worked to make the organisation an organisation that is successful today. This process may have been very testing, very nerve-wrecking, very unconventionally myth-busting, shaken thoughts and beliefs, identifying the 'code' to survive and succeed, etc. They all are chromosomes that pair up to build the DNA, strand by strand. Scars of lessons learnt, taste of blood and sweat, broken hearts and all mixed emotions.

DNA is who the organisation is or what is has become, how unique they are and why they are so...is all the definitions of the DNA.

A new guy, joining at associate or partner level must be told all those stories of highs and lows, motivation and frustrations, gloom and enlightenment, discovery and re-emergence from the successive events of failure and resilience  Personal and group upheavals, sacrifices, sleepless nights, missed lunches and dinners, social and family and professional circle's ignominy and ignoring. The sweet-sour moments of truth and re-ignited belief, the angles who cared about and the hand of God that helped out of nowhere. The turning point, the moments of pride, celebrations and tears of success and happiness.

All these are stories that always remain hidden in the hearts of the pioneers. They are real elements of an employee induction.
Every employee should be taken through that Journey of the making of who the company is. No need to shy away from telling your darkest truth in a way that helps, no need to hide the moments that you may consider humiliating/embarrassing. Heroes are respected for the way the managed the tough times.
Once employees listen to these stories, they love you as a company, they respect you for who you are and look up to you for directions and inspirations.

What happens if we do not tell these stories?
People do not realize the ground beneath their feet. They do not get embedded to the roots of the organisation. They remain oblivious of facts of past and keep reacting to the actions and words of management and teams or posterior. They do not empathize with acts and words as they are missing the link.

Once they know where the actions and words are actually coming from, they would adjust and align and not react.
They make better decisions knowing what values organisation has in it's DNA and make a sustainable work relationship with organisation and people.

Must tell everyone about each chromosome of your DNA.