There are lot many business leaders, I have worked with have very less respect for formal HR people. They always believe, HR is just ADMIN and HOUSE-KEEPING and does not understand business and so cannot add any special value other than being attendance, payroll and recruitment coordination.

Question is, Then why not open HR positions of significance to other business leaders from other functions.
KPMG has done it in India now and Shalini Pillay, a BE, CA and successful Partner in the firm has taken over the top HR position in India. Remember, the CEO, Richard Rekhy rather asked her to take over this position as he believes that only the most successful leaders in any firm can understand, how people have to be managed and leveraged. The job of HR is slipping out of sloppy hands of several HR heavyweights (at least in salary terms) to realistic people in business. Infosys had given HR reins to its CFO, Mohandas Pai and we all have seen, how wonderfully successful he had been in his role. Perhaps the Golden Phase of Infosys HR, if you discount the feedback that you hear from 'lazy' HR guys who finally made exit from Infosys to easy-cool job locations.

It is very relieving to see that, business has started not only questioning but taking decisions on HR positions out of HR boss's privilege. HR looks like has been facing too many flacks from business in recent past. It appears by leaving HR to HR folks with little or no business understanding and speak the language of business, has been the biggest mistake. It is now full of working housewives, loosers and lazy people. While HR has a favorite word, LEADERSHIP', the want business people to develop this competency, but the HR lacks it the most. For all leadership programmes, they turn to vendors outside, DDIs, Watermark, E&Y, etc. If the VPs and Directors of HR had to look for outside vendors for outlining Leadership programs, why are they paid monthly dowry of 3 lacs to 10 lacs in India. Shameful.

A thorough cleansing of HR is needed today. HR has become fiefdom of a few and these only hire the C player HR folks to keep their position in importance and exploit the HR team.

HR talks about measuring performance, while they are the least measured and the list of things that they will project, will be laundry list having no value adds in most of them and such admin tasks list keeps them in business.
Turning the table shall certainly help. Open HR to business people with great passion, business knowledge, successful track record and great attitude to people. HR has gone much beyond the MSW menace. Free HR from the clutches of quacks of HR. Liberate it!