Well-being and employment scenarios need employees of different mind-set

Gallup Healthways Wellbeing Index for May 6-12, 2013 for US shows 55% population thriving, 44% struggling and 4% suffering. there is positive change in status of thriving and struggling people by 2% from the previous week (May 1 till 5th).
In a messy world of being a daily wager companies, where they got to market every to catch new customers with all possible tactics to remain in business, with long term strategic plan to suffer sustained losses to be the able to survive the longitudinal stamina race against other deep pocket competitors is all driving businesses haywire, from e-commerce companies to any other who believe in hunting everyday for food. It's B2C that has made business so easier to operate yet so unpredictable to run. As said, Amazon is running in losses for past 10 years and some say they are making minuscule margin of 2% now. India based e commerce companies have started merging, getting sold off and sacking people in phased manner. We have seen the failure of the biggest online deals company Groupon recently.
Dot coms are enigma in any format. One success does not define a career path for another copy cat or a format cat..
Anyone, a CEO or an employee, who joins this e commerce boat needs to have a safety jacket as the warranty of the boat expires in around a year.
How can we think for an improving graph of wellbeing in an environment of dot coms bursting earlier than assumed. Core sectors in India is doing ~3.4% and GDP at 6%. Banking and financials shrinking, reality on rocks, auto sector seeing the worst of sales dips.

Employee wellbeing is possible when we know how to keep companies healthy. That is the most difficult question today. As are following the trends and industries of the west we need to be ready to be facing lay-offs, unstable CEOs and firing all across the levels when business dips.
As heard, Flipkart has been planning an IPO but looking at the fate that Groupon had after it's listing in 2011 is a warning signal. It is too early a conclusion to draw that the days on e commerce is over! Malls will not be ruled out in India, where shopping is an entertainment and unwinding, going out thing. It is a social affair, family affair and on top of it, people want touchey-feeley experience.

For the new generation of industry coming up a employers, we need to build employees also ready for a risky and bumpy ride besides being sailing with the wind.

In the book, Wellbeing: The Five Essential Elements bestselling authors Rath and Harter team up to share the results of a landmark study of wellbeing and its implications for organizations and individuals.

Their groundbreaking research reveals how organizations can help employees boost their overall wellbeing -- from their satisfaction with their careers to their financial security and level of community involvement. As it turns out, changing an organization's culture to help employees better manage and improve their wellbeing over time can result in substantial financial returns for the organization.

Based on a Gallup study of more than 150 countries representing 98% of the world's population, Rath and Harter identified five essential elements of life that transcend countries, faiths, and cultures:

Career Wellbeing: How you occupy your time/liking what you do each day
Social Wellbeing: Relationships and love in your life
Financial Wellbeing: Managing your economic life to reduce stress and increase security
Physical Wellbeing: Good health and enough energy to get things done on a daily basis
Community Wellbeing: Engagement and involvement in the area where you live