Is LinkedIn loosing it's sheen?

What happens if LinkedIn adds few flavours of Facebook, a few of On-line store? We have seen the News Channel industry has now been transformed into Entertainment Channel. It has added more flavours from scoop to celebrity malfunction to laughter and spoof bites. Presenters have become Characters and even change dresses to suit the entertainment needs, like they do in Circus.
You would observe, LinkedIn is pumping lots of article links throughout the day. It seems LinkedIn is trying hard to retain its members. Celebrity 'Aastha channel' kind of gospel preachers has appeared. These are young-sexy corporate Saadvis! Give them some hearing please! LinkedIn, it seems is flavour aware and flavour conscious company, as it is making a few changes in the way we operate it. But it seems, its business and profitability model is pulling it as a media that can earn for space. No wonder, we will have re-targeting hits on LinkedIn soon.
Also observed that the quality of questions on forums have gone drastically down and anyone is asking any question, just for the sake of it.
There are self-proclaimed self-help writers who have emerged and keep pushing their article. I know they have paid to become the posting members!
Yet another group is sharing stuff like, quotable quotes and expect people to like and comment as if it was Facebook!
Good thing is LinkedIn has realized quickly that it is not just enough to attract everyone on-board LinkedIn but equally important to keep the purpose and standards intact. It is not just another job posting venue.
LinkedIn must remember that Rolls Royce does not sell it's car just to anyone who can pay the price. It is consciously holding it's patron base and does not allow that to dilute.
LinkedIn has done a great favour by connecting the professionals of the world. We have been able to discuss issues and thoughts with people from across nationalities and ethnicity. Forum discussions have flattened the world and now we do not imagine how a developed world's citizen thinks and reacts about an issue. We read comments and reactions and replies and counter comments and replies from all nationalities, all ages and professional hierarchy, on the same topic of discussion. Many a times, I have realized that, LinkedIn has really busted several myths. I find Indians equally smart or better as the US and UK guys are, when it comes to their thought on any topics of discussion on these forums. I read mostly articles on business or Human Resources functions. I am equally thankful to LinkedIn for busting the myth that issues in western world are different than they are here in India and people's love and hate for systems, processes, and people are just the same. People from US also sound equally foolish and horrible as we Indians sound on many topics, where we insanely jump to write our thoughts. Some, who do not get sufficient hearing time and attention in real life, write longer and repeat responses. All these are human values and interestingly, they remain the same, irrespective of language or colour of skin. Thank you LinkedIn.
Somewhere I feel, LinkedIn is being used as marketing tool for people and recruitment consultants that professional networking firm. Even great ideas become obsolete if are not flexible, adaptive and innovative.

Hope LinkedIn does well and we see some changes in the way we operate, use and exploit LinkedIn.