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"The desk is a dangerous place from which to view the world."

The British author John le Carré once quipped, "The desk is a dangerous place from which to view the world."

We all have heard about MBWA (Management By Walking Around) and this is more effective than just the MBO (Management By Objective).

Managers and leaders of business and people or so called leaders are glued to their cabins, ACs, coffee, e mails and phone calls. Sometimes, their favorites visit them in their office and bring them information, many a times cooked and many a times, a shocker! Many managers do not move till the house is on fire and their seat becomes hotter than the hatching warmth.

Why managers and executives are mostly reactive in their approach?

Is it because--

1. They enjoy the comfort of their position, as they believe, they have done a lot and other reporting people shall now make his life easier and give him time to relax! He can pitch in when they have a road-block!
2. Their bosses do not allow or appreciate someone who believes in observing, evaluating and changing work place a better place everyday! This makes bosses accountable and will unnecessarily involve them in challenging situations! Do not disturb the eternal peace and orgasmic inertia.
3. They believe that like Fire Brigade offices, their job is to act when there is a call about fire. If they act smart and sharp, bosses will be uneasy and will feel like loosing control.

Remember , Lord Vishnu's simhasana, the throne, gets shaken when someone tries to wield power by virtue of his tapasya/ sacrifice and service to God. Situation is no different in workplaces. We all talk about lack of leadership. Books get published on leadership, writers remorse the situation of "Too many managers, too few Leaders", etc.
We feel threatened, when someone tries to think, behave or act like a leader.

No one wants a leader other than one who is suffering and needs being rescued!

Long live desk and long live myopic and fractured view! Save your job! Why go around and know what people face and can change for better results.


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