What have I done in 10 years after my MBA?

It forces me to think the side that I consciously skipped! It is very difficult to assess, evaluate, savor, eulogize or criticize someone else's life and time in terms of tangible outcomes. It is nearly impossible and closely embarrassing to evaluate one's own life in terms of what we lived like, lived for and lived with.

The five themes of life and its objective evaluation, I think can be done, once we ponder over and do value assessment and not value judgement of what have we done and got out of us and our lives.

1. Recognition of "self-image"-What I think of my self today (respect, love, pride and honour): How have I evolved as a person and professional, How do I see myself: Someone or Just anyone, No one or Super-star Human Being!
2. Price is what you pay, value is what you get: Have I shortchanged? Have I got shortchanged?Have I done justice to my education, role, title, salary, company, bosses, colleagues, subordinates, employees, fraternity, ecosystem, including society and professional associations! ---This part asks for what my conscience says about "what I have done" against what was expected. Feedback includes what score have I got from people, I worked with or worked for or worked around? How clear is my conscience?
3. Trade-offs made: The work-life and personal/family life choices/balance, I have made! Personal and family values scorecard, as good partner/spouse, parent, son, etc. How clear is my conscience?
4. Clairvoyant/ Seeing the Future-My "Das Vidaniya"/ 10 things to do before I hang my boots or say Goodbye!
5. Purpose of life- Have I found my purpose of life? This is more of spiritual enlightenment. Spirituality is different from religion or being ritualistic. It is about knowing the 'invisible/unknown super powers' that charge and drive the universe! the magic, the enigma!