"Formula for success: rise early, work hard, strike oil."

"Formula for success: rise early, work hard, strike oil."---J Paul Getty.

Looks like a great cleansing formula. A soap can be named after Getty's name! My experience in life is, unless you strike oil or gold, it remains rise early and work hard. Mukesh Ambani has struck oil, the whole of middle-east has struck oil and that happened in 70s. Mukesh is a late riser! He works hard and lives in the costliest and perhaps the largest house in the world.

How much you rise early or work hard, the crux is, did you strike oil or gold?
Ask yourself, have I made it large? If no! Keep rising early, keep working hard till you strike oil. The great grandfathers of the Arabs in the middle-east worked harder and woke up early but one lucky guy in 70s struck oil. Was he working towards striking oil? Did he sleep with this dream every night, did he wake up every day with a hunger for striking oil? No! It happened! It happens! Chill! If you have in store your oil well or Gold mine, you will get it while sleeping, on vacation or while working hard or anywhere....That is not important.

So, keep rising early, keep working hard and you may strike oil?