Thursday, July 18, 2013

Happy Teachers' Day?-July 17-Prof. crushes students, Headmistress kills 27 with poisonous mid-day meal!

It was Teachers' day with a message from hell, for students! Jul 17, 2013....
This is Bangalore---
Prof Charmaine Jerome, behind wheels of her Santro car, crushes 4 students in broad day light at Mount Carmel College (MCC) gate yesterday! Multiple fractures, serious injuries! Hell broke loose at 8.20 am..

Come down to  small town Chapra, yes, it is in Bihar where Nitish rules after Laloo..27 kids killed by feeding them poisonous mid-day meal. Headmistress Meena Devi is at large! Food is cooked by school and grocery is collected every day from Meena's residence. Grocery is bought from Meena's husband's grocery shop. It is suspected the Mustard Oil was poisonous! Education minister is calling it a political conspiracy against Nitish's susaasan (good governance)! Hell broke on poor kids and parents and draconian government is shamelessly calling it a conspiracy!
Earlier Mid-day meal was supplied by NGOs and later a self-governing local body was formed and here enters the political monster into people's food and bleeds their lives out.

This is culpable homicide and calls for quick trial and corporal punishment! This case is an alarm bell!
Food, health and transport (accidents), poor buildings, including schools and housing are some of the killers in the form of 'transformers'! The 'transformers' which look like cars and turn out to be monsters, create mayhem and we see death and destruction all around!
The susaasan government shall look into all disasters in waiting, all transformers who can turn into monsters and all conspiracies that can kill people and destabilize their government!

I pity, what our IAS officers do in this country, other than sucking up and building illegal asset for progeny!
I am not blaming all but the rest, who are not corrupt, have given up against those, who suck up! This is no less a suck up! This is even bad as the corrupt plunder shamelessly and sit back on their golden chairs with vodka, uninhibited!
For all reasons, if we leave our lives in the hands of politicians and their private governments, we are no less than slaves!

I believe, if you check for how Prof.Charmaine got her driving licence, you would find that she just bought one! It is also a reminder for the MCC to check how many of their Professors and staff are in right mental balance! Send them for a thorough medical check up and review their behavior!

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