Is HR CEO's trusted business Ally

Is HR really the 21st century HR?
What is strategic HR? The Business Consultant, The Business Challenger, The Business Evangelist on People Strategy? The Key Catalyst in terms of "Talent Identification, Integration, Engagement, Nurturing and Rewarding to report tangible returns in ROI and Value Building terms?

What special and unique expertise and genetic combination HR has got, which makes a great difference to building an innovative, creative, profitable, great place to work company?

What insights and measures HR uses to check the factors count that define a highly motivated and success oriented work culture?
Does HR build and present the talent vs capability scorecard and guides how the optimization of the talent topography and execution curve can be optimized? Has HR ever done the true talent mapping? I am not talking about education, certification and relevant experience excel file. I am talking about talent that can result in direct value add to Capability framework of the organisation and customer satisfaction and delight besides providing a true cutting-edge over competition, we also call competitive advantage?

Does HR know what work people are doing that can be outsourced/In-sourced to lower level low cost staff? What is the value an time and talent loss due to higher level, or at least higher paid staff doing the lower end job or parts of it?

Can HR present a talent available versus talent utilization graph? The percentage of under or over utilization of talent.

Can HR highlight all hidden spots of "glass ceilings" in the organisation which prohibit talent development by creating artificial barrier to talent upward mobility?

Can HR spot and highlight, where all we have talent water-shed and talent pipe thinning?
Can HR present total talent loss data in Talent Transmission due to poor and hurdle-some processes and archaic conventions of design architecture of solution and delivery planing?

Can HR present thorough a public dashboard, how many employees or percentage, on any date feel like, they are "Thriving, Surviving or Struggling"?

Do they lose sleep when talent suffers against individual idiosyncrasies and bureaucracy? Do they raise red-flags? Do they put their foot down? Do they come forward and help removing hidden and obvious barriers to talent flow and growth in the organisation?

Tell me why HR should be considered the backbone of organisation's talent management? What role they play is so different and uniquely value adding and differentiating than the line manager does?

Is HR CEO's trusted business Ally?

Think over!!!!

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